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Au Natural

When it comes to skin care, hair care, life care -  I prefer items made with ingredients I can pronounce. No oxides, moxides or any other -ides that make you question what you're using

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Custom Products

Want a headband, scrub, or accessory you don't see? You can fill out any of the appropriate forms and let me know so I can customize to your liking.


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Mindful Methods

Every Good Apple product is created with love and kindness, crafted from my living room floor. I approach each project with an open and present mind.


I always considered myself to be a "master crafter". Seriously. The things I have made with my bare hands absolutely astounds me. 

I first became interested in the natural health industry when I was around 15 years old. After receiving my driver's license, I was able to bring myself to all the farmer's markets and crafting fairs my town and surrounding towns offered. It was here that I learned about the world of crafting for my health- physical and mental.

With a vast interest in natural skin and body care came the development of my delicious smelling (and tasting!) scrub for your hands, feet, or any other area on the body that is rough, dry, or needs some particular moisturizing. Using only ingredients I found in my kitchen, I came up with 2 delectable scrubs: apples & cinnamon, and coconut & ginger, to help bring skin back to its soft, glowing stage. My safe to use (and eat) recipe has allowed skin to feel baby smooth, and remain this way throughout the day. I also grew to love crafting accessories with flowers, and with that came the desire to hand create headbands and clips to dress up your hair.


Rachel Appleman The Good Apple


Want the Good Stuff?

Interested in going natural with your skin care? Want to incorporate essential oils into your face washing routine? Want tips and tricks for acne, dry spots or other common skin problems? 

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